Vehicles And Parking

Information about speeding cars, parking, vehicles and snow removal

Speeding Cars:
If you witness a speeding vehicles, contact the police.  The Board cannot help you with this matter.

Parking spaces in the neighborhood are public property and may not be reserved, claimed, bought, sold, or rented in any way.  There is no assumption that spaces in front of your home are "yours."  Observe common courtesy.

Any personal vehicle that is operational, with current tags, which is registered and insured may park in any parking space in the community.  Work vehicles may not be parked in the community after normal business hours.

Snow Removal:
A contractor who takes direction from the Board removes snow.  As weather dictates, the Board calls the contractors and provides instruction on snow removal.

In the event that we receive a large snowfall, it may take several days to dig out the entire community.  It may also result in a special assessment to cover additional costs. 

Calling the contractor(s) directly will slow their ability to respond to the community's needs.