Flags and Flagpoles
Flags at Cromwell Station will be allowed in the following general areas and under this guideline. Flagpoles must be attached to the house or the deck. They may not be free standing and may not exceed 6 feet in length and 2 inches in diameter. Acceptable materials are: finished wood or white aluminum.

Flagpole Mounts:
Must be anodized aluminum (color white) or steel painted white using a rust inhibiting paint.

Structural Location:

A flagpole may be attached to the brick facing of the house on either side of the front door using a base plate. The base plate must match in color, design and dimension the street number plate. A back plate may be mounted at the same level as the street number plate or higher and centered 12 inches off of the doorframe. However, it may not be attached to the wall at a point higher than the door opening.

A flagpole may be attached to the rear of the deck on the handrail using just a mount. It may not point toward an adjoining property or be attached to the handrails that are perpendicular to the house.

Flag Styles:
Please hang only federal, state, local, seasonal, sports or school flags.

Application Information:
You must apply to the ARC in writing to obtain approval attach a flagpole mount.


  • No flagpole may be hung in such a way that when a flag is displayed it interferes with a neighbor’s visual right of way. 
  • No flag may be hung in such a way that it waves in front of any window or door of another property.
  • Each unit or home may have no more than two flagpoles (one in front and one in the rear). 

A small freestanding flagpole may be used on holidays such as July 4th, Flag Day, etc.

Home Security Systems
Homeowners may add a home security system. 

  • May be wired or wireless.  If a wired system is chosen, the homeowner must cover all visible exterior wiring with plastic "wire molding in a color that matches the siding or trim as closely as possible.  White is an acceptable option.  
  • May include external cameras
  • Permission must be granted by the ARC prior to installation.  

Vent/exhaust Fans
Covers for dryer or other exhaust fans must adhere to the original design as possible (similar color with "flaps").  This also applies to exhaust ducts that have been rerouted to the front of the home for safety reasons.  

Add-on Heating and Air Conditioning Units

  • Window mounted air conditioning or heating units are not allowed.  
  • So-called "ductless" supplemental heating and air conditioning systems (that mount on interior walls, not in windows) are allowable.  However, all external ducting and wiring must be covered by plastic wire molding such as "Slim Duct" or similar brand.    

Fire Pits
Small fire pits are permitted. Location and usage must follow Baltimore County's Fire Code for Open Burning. CLICK HERE for more information. 

Firewood Storage
Firewood shall be neatly stacked in the rear yard as inconspicuously as possible, with individual stacks not to exceed four (4) feet in height or (8) feet in length. Firewood must be stacked inside the property line and not allowed to lean on fences. To prevent rot, insect and rodent infestation, firewood must be stored on an appropriate storage rack and be elevated at least 6" and not more than 12" above the ground. Covers or tarps must be dark brown/grey or black in color.