Board of Directors

The HOA Board of Directors meets every four weeks (no meetings in July and August).  All homeowners are welcome to attend.  Issues may be brought to the floor but homeowners normally cannot vote. See calendar or newsletter for specific meeting dates and details. Locations and times are also announced in the monthly email newsletter. If you are not receiving the monthly email newsletter send an email to [email protected] and request to be put on the list.

Board Roles and Responsibilities:
The Board receives its direction from the CC&Rs of the Homeowners Association.  The Association instructs the Board of Directors to maintain the fiscal health of the association and preserve or increase  the value of the properties within the community by improving the common areas and ensuring that improvements made by homeowners follow association covenants, conditions and restrictions. 

The Board has a broad but clearly defined range of responsibilities:  
  • The Board of Directors manages the HOA budget, supervises the Architectural Review and Landscaping Committees, acts as liaison with county officials, enforces the HOA governing rules, and in general helps keep Cromwell Station a neighborhood where people want to live.   
  • The Architectural Review Committee enforces exterior maintenance regulations and approves exterior modifications according to the HOA regulations.   
  • The Board of Directors is an elected body made up of residents of Cromwell Station.  Five members (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Member-at-Large) serve one to three year terms with elections held each fall.  
In carrying out its duties, the Board prioritizes its efforts as follows: 
  • Safety
  • Regulation enforcement (ARC)
  • Communication
  • Landscaping
  • Other community issues
Snow Removal: 

The board contracts with a private company for snow removal.  Basically, the contractor sends plows to Cromwell Station when the hill leading from Forest Valley Road to Satyr Hill Road becomes difficult for the average passenger car to climb.  Baltimore County usually plows the neighborhood roads as well, but often not for a few days after the snowfall, which is why the board hires a private contractor.  Note:  The contractor does not remove snow from sidewalks, steps or porches.  This is the homeowner's responsibility.  

Issues Outside Control of the Board:

  • Asking the police to ticket a speeder or reckless driver
  • Fining a property owner for disturbing the peace
  • Getting involved in personal disputes between neighbors
  • Assigning or reserving parking spaces
  • Fining animal owners for actions occurring on private property

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