Use Of Common Spaces

Rules for Use of Common Spaces

We are fortunate that Cromwell Station has a great deal of common land that residents can enjoy for occasional informal activities.  Homeowners must adhere to the following rules and regulations, however.  These rules and regulations are in place to insure the safe, comfortable, convenient and peaceful use of our common areas for all homeowners in Cromwell Station.

1)    Homeowners must have prior approval of the Board of Directors for an event, large gathering or party.

2)    Homeowners must purchase event insurance and provide proof of such insurance to the board of directors prior to the event, large gathering or party.

3)    Alcohol, gas or charcoal grills, tents, and / or recreational toys or equipment, such as pools, slip n slides, etc. are in use are strictly prohibited. 

4)    Homeowner’s HOA monthly dues must be current and up to date before permission or approval will be granted to use the common grounds areas. Homeowner must not be in violation of the rules and regulations of the community.

5)    Approval for event must be requested through the management company.  Click the "Contact" button on the left or on the home page.

6)  The use of fireworks is illegal in Maryland unless the fireworks are part of a public display for which the State Fire Marshal has granted a permit.

7)  You cannot have a private display of fireworks at your home. All fireworks displays, regardless of location, require the proper permits and insurance. Call Baltimore County's Fire Marshal's Office at 410-887-4880 for information.

8)  Any use of any fireworks other than ground based sparkles on the common areas of Cromwell Station will initiate a call to the police. All residents are encouraged to call police if they see or hear fireworks being ignited in the common areas of our neighborhood.