Selling Or Renting



It is important that our management company be aware of homes that are being rented.  If you rent out your home, please contact Alliance Property Management and let them know your new mailing address and phone number and the name and phone number of the persons currently living in your home.  

Be aware that Baltimore County law forbids subletting part of your home to two or more unrelated adults.  Doing so makes your home a "rooming house" or "boarding house", neither of which is allowed in Cromwell Station.  Here is part of the text from the county website: 

Q. I own and live in a home, and rent a portion of it to other adults. Is it exempt from rental registration?
A. It depends on the number of tenants and whether they are related to you. Owner-occupied rental units are exempt if the owner rents to family members who also live in the unit, or rents to no more than one other unrelated adult who lives in the unit. In either case, any number of minor dependents may live in the unit.
For example, an owner-occupant does not have to register as a rental unit if their adult boyfriend or girlfriend lives with them, or if they have one adult roommate.

The county will impose fines and/or take other legal action against homeowners who ignore this law.  For more information, visit the county website:


Before you put your home on the market or refinance, be aware of the following:

Your HOA dues must be up-to-date; fines and interest satisfied; and outstanding ARC issues resolved before the community will provide a title company with the information necessary to sell your property.

When selling, you are required by State of MD to obtain a resale package for the buyers from Alliance Management Group. This will provide the new owners with a complete copy of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and any ARC documents related to your property.  Failure to do so in Baltimore County allows the buyer to cancel the contract up to one year after closure on the house.

When selling, you are allowed only one "For Sale" sign that is to be placed in the first floor window. When selling, "Open House" and "For Sale" signs may be placed on County property during the hours of your open house.  The County may remove any sign and fine you for keeping signs up overnight or if they find you are not home when your signs are posted.