Home Maintenance

Maintaining your home will save you money in the long run.  In addition, a neat and well-maintained neighborhood maintains property values and is attractive to prospective buyers.  In general, you must maintain the exterior appearance of your home as it was originally constructed.  Certain modifications are allowable.  See the "Exterior Modifications" page on this website for applicable rules.

Most general maintenance issues are governed by regulations in Article VI ("Maintenance"), Article VII ("Use Restrictions") and Article VII-a of the Covenants. The HOA has added to these regulations over the years as issues have arisen.  

ARC Maintenance and Modification Annual Assessment
Each spring, members of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) assess maintenance and modifications of every house in the neighborhood. If you are in violation you will be mailed a letter from Alliance Management that details your violation and how to proceed. Failure to comply can result in additional warnings or legal action.  

For all painting information or to find your assigned colors please see the "Colors & Painting" page. (CLICK HERE)

Other Common Maintenance Issues

Decks -- Wooden decks need regular powerwashing and restaining, usually about every 3-5 years.  Wood also warps and rots and should be replaced.  For more information about deck maintenance and replacement, see the detailed Deck category under "Modification Requirements".  

Chimneys -- The chimneys in our neighborhood are made of galvanized steel, which only means it rusts more slowly than regular steel.  There is no practical way to remove the rust.  Painting it with Rustoleum slows the process only a little.  There are industrial paints such as POR-30 and others that seem more effective.  Ultimately, replacement is the only solution.  Until then, a coat of POR-30 (silver) may be your best bet, other than just living with the rust spots. Replacement chimneys must be the same size and made of metal, though there may be other, more rust-proof, types of steel on the market.    

Bluepoly (plastic) Water Supply Pipes -- Many of us have already had to have the  bluepoly pipes replaced because of leaks. This is the type of pipe that was installed by the builder from the water main / meter in front of our houses to the connection at the wall in our houses (near the main water turnoff). This pipe was approved and in accordance to the county code at the time of construction. Most plumbers will tell that it is not if your bluepoly pipes will fail, but only when they will fail. By the way, there is no acceptable repair to the blue poly pipes and county code forbids plumbers from simply repairing the pipes. 

Lawn -- As a resident of Cromwell station, your lawn must be cared for.  Grass must be kept less than three inches long and your property must be free from debris.  You may keep equipment for maintaining your yard or family oriented equipment outside.  A contractor cuts the grass in community open space.  

Trees -- You are responsible for trees on your property.  Trees that hang over the public sidewalk in front of your house must be kept trimmed to a height of seven feet above the walk.  If a tree on your property hangs over onto a neighbor's property, that neighbor may trim it back.

Animals and Animal Waste -- The association cannot assist you in animal attacks that take place on private property.  Residents must clean up after their animals.  If you observe a pet owner continually violating this Baltimore County law, keep a list of the dates and times, contact Animal Control and request the owner be fined.  

Unkempt Properties -- Your property is to be kept neat and free from garbage, trash and animal waste.  No vehicles (such as motorcycles or ATV's) may be stored on the yard or driven on the yard or across the open space. Garbage issues are to be reported to the Community Hygiene Division of the Baltimore County Health Department.  If you see a rat on your property or a neighbor's, report it immediately to Baltimore County Code Enforcement,  ​ 410-887-3351.