Exterior Modifications

The CC&Rs governing the neighborhood require homes to be well maintained and to retain their original appearance (paint, brickwork, roof, windows, shutters, trim, doors, etc.).  Certain modifications are allowed, however.  In every case, the homeowner must obtain permission in advance from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  The ARC is a committee of neighborhood volunteers that ensures that home exteriors and property are appropriately maintained, are kept tidy, and adhere to the CC&Rs.   

For detailed information on exterior modifications broken into categories see the "Modification Requirements" section of this website.

The homeowner contemplating a modification should contact the ARC by email and be prepared to provide a detailed description of the project, including a drawing or sketch, and internet links to specific products that are included in the project.  Only when the ARC grants formal permission (almost always by email) can the project begin.  A homeowner may appeal the ARC’s decision to the HOA board of directors. 
Bear in mind that the ARC email box may not always be checked daily, so the homeowner should apply for permission well in advance (at least 30 days) of the proposed construction/modification date.  It could be seven to ten days before the homeowner receives an initial reply.