Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are available from many sources, but must retain the look of the original units.  That is, they must be double-hung style, with two movable panels of glass (“sashes”) each. 
  • Windows must also retain the original number of grid dividers (mullions) in each panel, so that there are three glass panes (or “lites”) of equal size horizontally and two panes (or “lites”) of equal size vertically. 
  • Mullions that simulate an actual division of the panel into separate panes (or “lites”) of glass are acceptable.  Such mullions are often either removable or mounted between the two panels of glass. 
  • All windows must have screens that cover, at a minimum, one panel.
  • Exterior window trim may either by vinyl, aluminum or wood.  If wood trim is chosen, it must mimic the original (usually called “brick molding”). Regardless of the material, the finish must either be white or match the original color of the house trim.    
  • Blinds mounted permanently between the two glass panels are acceptable but the blinds must be white in color.  
  • White is the preferred color for all interior window coverings.  However, any color is acceptable.